## :-: **Update instructions** ### **December 2019**: Add a new function for EMMC reading that the user can select Ignore or Stop when CRC error appears, which can extract the dead EMMC data; Add TSD chip; Add some SPI NAND; Modified the EMMC life detection algorithm; Add GD29GL064CAB/W29GL064Cx/W29GL032Cx; Add ATF22V10Cxxx series PLD; Add some MCP; Add SPI NAND ECC DIS; Add MX25U1001E; Add some SANDISK EMMC; ### **November 2019**: Add ATF16V8x/ATF20V8x/ATF22V10B/GAL22V10x series PLD; Add BR90xx series EEPROM; Add the read-write function for W25Nxx series SPI NAND OTP; Add the function that display the manufacturer logo; Add 24\_512 #ISP and 24\_1024 #ISP; Add 28F128J3D series NOR Flash; Add GAL16V8x/GAL20V8x/ATF16V8x/AT20V8x series PLD; Add AT89S8253 series MCU; Add MT29FxG08xAA series NAND; ### **October 2019**: Add the function that extract the bootstrap of MST EMMC; Add W25Q512 series; Add PIC18FxxK80/PIC18LFxxK80 series car MCU; Add part of NOR/NAND flash; Add 28FxxxP30 series bulk NOR FLASH; Add A29 series Flash encapsulated by TSOP32; Add high voltage offline programming function for ATMEGE164/324/644 series MCU; Add PIC18F4XXX/2XXX series MCU; Add MT29FxxxG08Cxxxx series NAND Flash; Add TC58DVM82xx/MT25Qxxx/KFG1216xxx; Add SST36VF3203/SST36VF3204/MTFC4GMCAM; ### **September 2019**: Add reading&writing of TP2808H/L and TP2804H/L series MCU; Modify the algorithm about EMMC Life Detection; Add INTEL 28FxxxJ3F series NOR Flash; Add 28FxxxM29EWH/L series NOR Flash; Modify K9F5608U0x series algorithm; Add S29GL064M series NOR FLASH. ***** ### **August 2019**: Add AT45DB011D; Add AK93Cx5 series EEPROM; Modify KB9016; Add IT8586E; Add PM49FL00X TSOP3; Add AM29F400/800/160_BT/BB TSOP48; #### July 2019 STM NAND algorithm correction; Add PIC16F/LF182X series MCU; Add PIC16F88X series MCU; Add PIC16F/LF_57/72/73/83/84 series MCU; Add PIC16F/LF_506/526/527 series MCU; Add MCP JW616; Modified MST ISP algorithm; Add MT29F2G08AADxx; Add Intel TE28Fxx0Fx/Sx series NOR Flash; Add SAMSUNG NOR FLASH K8P2716xx; Modify the EMMC/NAND parameter setting interface; Add the speed adjustment function on the setting interface of EMMC_AUTO、EMMC_AUTO_4BIT and EMMC_AUTO_ISP; Add PIC16F54/57/59 series MCU; Add PIC16F873A/874A/876A/877A series MCU; Add PIC12F609/615/PIC16F610/616/617 series MCU; Add SAMSUNG S3F94xx whole series MCU; Add W25N/ TC58CVG series SPI NAND chip; Add AT45DB64xx Series SPI DATAFLASH; Add MICRON 28FxxxM29EWx Series NOR FLASH; Add INTEL 28Fxxx series NOR FLASH; Add offline and online reading&writing for PIC16F190x series MCU; Add offline and online reading&writing for PIC16F193x series MCU; Add FT25H series SPI FLASH; Modify ATMEL AVR series writing algorithm; Add offline and online reading&writing of PIC16F87x series MCU; Adjust the delay of the default reading and writing by serial porrt; Add TC58FVM7 series NOR flash; Add the function of automatically merging FLASH and OTP BIN files when loaded. #### June 2019 Add EPM3032A/EPM3064A #ISP; Add IRMCK311, and IRMCK series QFP64 transfer socket has officially been put on sale; Add ST NAND01G/02G/04G/08G series; Adjust the reading delay of EMMC_AUTO and EMMC_AUTO_4BIT; Add MEC50x5 series EC; Modified SST38VF series algorithm; Add S29AL016 series NOR Flash; Add IRMCK Series Variable Frequency Air-conditioning OTP MCU;(Note that this kind of chip can only be written once, please do the blank to make sure it is a new chip.) Add Samsung TV MCU WT61P808; Add FT Series SPI EEPROM; Add the MX35LF series of SPI flash memory; #### May 2019 Add M27C322 UV EPROM; Add a batch of NOR Flash; Add S25FLxxS series SPI Flash; Add PIC16F648A/628A/627A series MCU; Add MX25L5121E/1021E series,and SPI FLASH verification acceleration; Add the new function, EMMC version identification and the service life detection for the V5.0 and later; Add M28F512/010/020; Add DS2433 series1 WIRE EEPROM; Add X250X0 series EEPROM; Add 34C04 series EEPROM; Add MTV416/MTV415 series MCU; #### **April 2019**: Add 24LC21xx series EEPROM; Add CS8955/MTV515 series MCU; Add W78E58/W78E62/W78E65/W79E632 series MCU; Add MX29GL series NOR Flash; Add N28F010; Add iPad TCON DC-DC/GAMMA IC : TPS65642; Add partial ISP icon; ***** #### **March 2019**: Add some NOR Flash; Add PC28F series NOR FLASH; Add M50FLW series NOR Flash; ***** #### **February 2019**: Add auto unprotect feature for MX29GL series chips; Add BMW odometer chip M35080/35160; The first 32 bytes are the counting area, and the blank chip defaults to 00.And it only can increase, can not decrease,so be aware of the value of this area when you adjust the odometer; From the beginning of the 0x20 followed by the EEPROM zone, you can overwrite; Add M29W640GT@BGA48; Add M28W320FCT@TSOP48; Add S29AL008J70BF102@BGA48 ; Add M29W640GL@BGA64; Add S29GL128P10TFI01@TSOP56 ; Add H27U4G8F2DTR@TSOP48 。 ***** #### **January 2019**: Add W25M512JV series; Add HY27UU08AG5M; Add KMV3W000LM-B310; ***** #### **December 2018:** Add LH28F Series NOR Flash; Add MT29F Series NAND Flash; Add K8Q2815 and TC58FVM Series NOR Flash; Add partial NAND and NOR Flash; #### **November 2018:** Add partial NAND models; Add BMW, Land Rover 2Gbits NOR Flash; Add 27 Series EPROM; Add W27 Series EEPROM; Add patial NAND chips; Add M27128A and M2764A (Choose the default way to read and write); Add AT45DB Series; Add 25 series status register setting options in detail; Add partial 29 Series EEPROM; #### **October 2018:** Add partial 27 Series EPROM; Add partial 24 Series EEPROM; Add DS2431 Series EEPROM; Add TMEL MCU Add JSC MCP; Add MT29FxG01xx Series; Adding INTEL 128Gbits 4 Dies bulk NAND Flash memory; Add CAT102x Series EEPROM; Add partial NAND chips; Add AT89C55WD; Optimize SPI Flash automatic recognition algorithm; Add VCC adjusting function to read&write EMMC; Add partial 51 series MCU; #### **September 2018:** Add NAND model and optimize mass-production mode; Add NAND bad block management algorithm;; NAND mass-production model; Add common ISSI Flash memory; Fix the reading problem of partial SanDisk EMMC; Add a batch of SPI Nor Flash; #### **August 2018:** Add AM29F Series NOR Flash; Add ST95 Series EEPROM; Add S29JL/AM29DL/W29GL Series NOR flash; Add MX29GL Series NOR flash; Turn on the new function of batch burning(menu "operation"-> "mass production mode") NT68F63 writing speed up; Add Toyota Series computer Board memory LH28F800,LH28F640; Add FM18 series FRAM memory; #### **July 2018** Add the function of serial port printing information automatic line sequence; Add a batch of SPI flash memory; For intelligent TV maintenance field,add NAND flash memory to skip bad block function and intelligent reorganize data function; Add JS28FxxP33 Series parallel NOR Flash memory; MST_EMMC serial port opening and expanding the algorithm search range; #### **June 2018:** Add the new function for the pin contact detection icon; Add the new function for view the large picture of the adaptor by clicking to the left bottom; Add erase EPROM by UV for 27 series chips; add EEPROM for 93 series chips; Add the reading&writing function of Apple IPhone X/IPhone 8/IPhone 8 plus ALS EEPROM; After these models of mobile phones change screen,the screen brightness can not be adjusted automatically, unless the original data be copied and written to the replacement screen. Add the UV EPROM for M27 series chips; Add parallel EEPROM for 28 series chips; Add 1.8V 24 series chips EEPROM; Add parallel Flash for M28 series chips; Add parallel EEPROM for 28 series chips; Add ST83 series chips and M93 series chips; Add AM29F400BB; Add MX29GL series chips; Add FT25H series chips; Add BR93 series chips; #### **May 2018:** Add MBM29LV Series; Add ST M29 Series; Add K9GAG08U0 Series; Add part of NAND flash memory; Add partial 1.8V SPI flash; Add the algorithm EMMC_AUTO_1BIT for EMMC data backup with corrupted EMMC D1-D7 data port; Add the new function of ISP writing of EMMC BOOT of non-advanced security MSD6A828 series through serial port; Add the EMMC_AUTO_ISP algorithm adjusting speed function. Setting menu,adjust the speed to middle or right for slow reading and writing, while left for the original fast reading and writing; Add “MSTAR_EMMC_BOOT #ISP”as the unified entry for all the above non-advanced security Mstar series EMMC BOOT writing function through serial port; Add the new function of ISP writing EMMC BOOT of MSD6A338 series through serial port; Add the new function of ISP writing EMMC BOOT of MSD6A928 series through serial port; Add the new function of ISP writing EMMC BOOT of MSD6A638 series through serial port; Add the new function of ISP writing EMMC BOOT of MSD6A918/628 and so on series; Add JS28F512M and S29AL016J; #### **April 2018:** Add M29W040 Series; Add S29JL032 Series; Add file buffer overflow prompts; MX OTP algorithm modification; V59algorithm modification; Add partial NOR flash memory; Add FM25 series FRAM; Add GD5F4G Series; Add AT25SF/SST29/RC28F Series; Add KFG1G16Q2C/LH28F640; Add FM25V Series; Add N25Q00 Series; Add XM25QH Series; Add S29GL512R Series; #### **March 2018:** AT29LV Series; F49L320/160; GD25Q64C; Add the function of skipping the blank space when write the small files to large capacity EMMC/NAND. #### **January 2018:** Add JS28F128J3C、S29GL512S10DHA02 and other models Nor; Add KFG1GN6W2D and other NAND commonly used in Samsung TV mainboard; Add KFG1G16UOD and other NAND commonly used in Samsung TV mainboard; Add partial logic board GAMMA chip; Add part of SPI flash memory with BGA24 encapsulation; Add partial NAND with BGA63 encapsulation; Add part of Nor flash memory with TSOP48 encapsulation; Add SandDisk SDIN7DU2-16G; #### **December 2017:** Add 256KB option for MEC1633; #### **September 2017:** Open EMMC local erasure function; Open the EMMC local reading and writing function; EMMC_AUTO_ISP_BOOT_MTK; EMMC_AUTO_ISP_BOOT_MST; Add partial NOR flash memory; #### **August 2017:** Optimize EMMC off-line algorithm; Add LH28F128BFHT Series algorithms; Modified PCA24S08; #### **July 2017:** Add WT61P806#ISP; Add WT61P807#ISP; Add Persian versions; Add WT61P805#ISP; Add WT61P802#ISP; Add partial OR FLASH; Add MST smart TV EMMC new function that inside Serial Port debugging switch on(Flying line mode, MST universal); #### **June 2017:** Add MBM29F series memory commonly used on the automobile computer board; Add INTEL 28F series J3A/J3C/J3F Nor Flash with suffix BGA; The default speed of reading and writing in the setting menu is changed to “medium speed”; NAND reading and writing speed adjustment; EMMC ISP reading and writing speed adjustment; Add NAND reading speed regulation function, if the NAND reading and verifying are inconsistent, you can turn it down at setting menu; Again,when reading and writing NAND/EMMC, the host computer do not run other unrelated applications; Modify the Smart Identify function of NAND, read and write according to the model in the device storehouse, unknown models reading and writing with NAND_AUTO; Add reading and writing function for BMW Audio memory MBM29LV652UE; Add the reading and writing function for the BMW Audio memory RC28F256J3C; Add A29L160A Series automatic Deprotection function; #### **May 2017:** Add part of NOR/NAND memory model that customer much-needed; Add car audio memory 28032116; NAND write correction; Add the automatic recognition and on-line reading&writing function for iPad screen DC-DC/GAMMA chip IML8994; #### **April 2017:** Add automatic recognition and offline reading&writing for SPASION S25FL128S/256S/512S; Add 16bit NAND NQ281 (MT29F1G16A); Add 16bit 1.8V MCP; Add 16bit 1.8V NAND NW267(Grand Cherokee); #### **March 2017:** Add off-line reading&writing algorithm for BGA encapsulated MCP/NAND chips commonly used in POS machines; Add WINBOND SPINAND offline reading and writing algorithm; Add 16bit NAND offline reading and writing algorithm; Modify partial EMMC SANDISK models off-line algorithm; EMMC ISP 8G and above capacity algorithm correction; Add part of Samsung old model NAND algorithm; Add some NOR flash memory models; Modified 25 OTP and pin detection; #### **January 2017** Add and modify some NOR flash memory models; Re-correction of NAND flash reading&writing algorithm; Reading and checking non-bad block area data,the consistency greatly improved; #### **December 2016:** Add and modify some NOR flash memory models; Add some NOR flash memory models; Modified H27UBG8T2C recognition algorithm; Add AT45DB161D; Add partial Nor flash memory models;Modify Hisense 1588 board ISP reading&writing function; #### **November 2016** Add the reading&writing function for NPCE288/388 series notebook EC, which need to use the simple plate to read and write offline; As so far,RT809H already supports notebook KB90/IT8/MEC16/NPCE full range EC; Modify Samsung K9F1208 algorithm, compatible chips with different batches and ID of this model; #### **October 2016:** Release RT-BGA64-01 adapter which can support full series BGA64 encapsulated Nor flash of S29GL read and write; The reading and writing interval for the MEC16 series was changed to the former 1922 KB, followed by an encrypted parameter area in which the serial number and password are stored. Usually these chips are encrypted, unable to read the correct value,but can be overwritten. If the overwritten value is incorrect, the serial number will be lost, so the reading&writing function of the following 64KB has been removed for the being time; Add the on-line reading&writing function for EC MEC1633,MEC1609 and MEC1619 series common used on laptop; Put the SOP simple plate at the lock seat lowest default position, flying line to the mainboard to read and write; Add S3F94C4, modify S3F9454 offline reading and writing function; Add the logical board GAMMA chip CS801 ISP automatic recognition and read&write; Add mandatory default placement to the lower right corner of the software menu setting selections; Add S3F9454 offline reading and writing function; Modified AT49F040A and EMMC_AUTO; For NAND_AUTO,add SDTNRGAMA-008G, TC58TEG5DC and other models; Add the reading&writing function for PIC12F877A with DIP40 and TQFP44 encapsulation; Adjust the PIC12F629 reading and writing algorithm; For cases where some EMMC do not support 8BIT offline reading&writing, add EMMC_AUTO_4BIT offline reading and writing algorithm, typical chips are SANDISK SDIN5C2-4G and TOSHIBA partial models, currently only 4bit or 1bit read, there will be error when read 8bit. Add reading&writing for LPC NOR flash memory with TSOP32 encapsulation; Adjust SST25,S29GL series algorithm; Add the offline reading&writing EMMC-8bit with adapter mode, and publish the corresponding adapter; Read+verify,the speed is 150S/GB; Write+verify, the speed is 90-150S/GB(depends on the file) #### **September 2016:** Refactoring and optimizing NAND's underlying read and write algorithm, the inconsistency for reading and verifying is greatly improved.Besides, you can read&write NAND with a cheap double transponder(of course the chip pin is still clean),the success rate of reading&writing of the HY27/MT29 series that commonly used in navigation is greatly improved; The NAND bad block detection algorithm is optimized to detect the unstable bad block; Add the function for prompting the adapter model, when the model is selected, it will be displayed; Add Nor flash memory with BGA encapsulation that commonly used on car. And provide the BGA adapter customization service, send the prompted adapter model and parameter to us to custom BGA adapter, the price is 500-800 yuan, first payment and then delivery, the order time is over one month; Add many NOR flash memory models, the chips with protection automatic deprotect before erasing; Add Hi-ROM reading&writing, Hi-ROM is OTP, can only be written once, can not be erased and rewritten.Need to be note that many Taobao car parts,when blank after erasing, there will be error in the Hi-ROM area, please replace the new chipto re-write; Revises the normalization algorithm of LH28F256 series chips of different batches; September 16, 2016: add partial parallel NOR flash memory Modify the EMMC RPMB continuous reading problem; Add TOSHIBA 4GB/8GB NAND flash memory; Add TOSHIBA 4GB/8GB NAND flash memory; Modify some other BUG; #### **August 2016:** Add BGA encapsulated NAND recognition and read&write; For NAND-AUTO, add partial SSD/ U disk NAND Flash memory recognition and read&write; Add Samsung large capacity MLC NAND; Add part of NOR FLASH chip; Add some chip moddels; Improved NAND_AUTO algorithm, automatically adjust segmentation files according to PAGESIZE and OOBSIZE; Add NAND bad block detection button to automatically erase and detect the number of bad blocks on the chip; Detection of the number of incremental bit reversal in NAND verifying; Add some chip models; Modify the smart identify algorithm; Modify NAND_AUTO algorithm; Add some chips model; Performance optimization for computers with lower configuration; Correct error in checking after reading for part of MST models; Modify overcapacity SPI flash erasure timeout problem; For NAND-AUTO, add more NAND recognition; Add NAND_AUTO function, no need to add models, it will automatically parse NAND parameters and read&write; #### **July 2016:** Add TSOP56 encapsulated MX29GL128E and S29GL128P; Modified PIC12F675/629 etc. algorithm; Add 1.8V/3.3V IO Voltage setting function for EMMC reading and writing, please click the “set”button before reading&writing, select the corresponding VCCQ VOLT options based on the VCCQ voltage of the target board.(for most TV mainboards,the EMMC power supply is single 3.3V, only a few are 3.3V/1.8V double power supply. The output VCC of 809H is 3.3V, VCCQ is 1.8V); Add SST39VF Series 8-bit NOR Flash memor; Modify EDID function; Add the setting function for EMMC reading&writing area; Modify the EMMC algorithm; Add NAND/EMMC file dragging function; Add reading&writing 24/25 with SOP clip mode,you can select this mode at the setting menu lower right corner. Attention that the clip must be aligned under the lock seat, notch upward; Add SPI NAND and Samsung large capacity NAND Flash memory; Modify the infrared code function; Modify the problem that NAND/EMMC occasionally prompted ID check error; Solve the problem that the large capacity chip takes up the extremely high resources when read and write; STM24CXX algorithm correction; EMMC algorithm adjustment; Add PIC MCU and partial NOR flash memory; Add USB voltage detection function;